Getting Ready!

Moving is hard work. Moving for my Canadian wife and son to re-discover their routes is just as tough. Sure we know what to expect, but do we really?

How are the friends going to welcome us back? Easy when we visit on holiday, but what if we are only 30 minutes away? Does this alter anything? A bit like taking the plunge and moving in with your girlfriend for the first time, distance is sometimes necessary!

My second love is cycling, time off the bike is hard to take. I am already panicking about getting through a freezing cold winter for the first time. My recently purchased Ice tyres might need to travel with us. My business partner bought me an insider’s guide to Toronto and my twitter account is already following a few clubs. Life look pretty normal from here!

This blog is a tale of two countries, one is currently experiencing a mini boom in cycling, with Freds in Lycra littered around the roads on a weekend. The other is a mystery for now. Over the next year I will be able to report on both as I zip between the two.


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